Samuel’s Dedication

So how do you dedicate your baby to God in front of your community when your community is spread out all over Atlanta? You bring your church to your front door.


To Benjamin on His Second Birthday

Today is the Saturday before you turn 2 years old. Do you have any idea how much you have accomplished since you were born in 2010? When I met you in person, you were a mere 7.5 pounds. I think the first parts of my body you ever saw were my eyes; and I’ll never forget the moment that I saw you see them.


The Boys with Santa

Benjamin was not impressed with Santa this year. He was excited all the way to the mall, and even once we saw Santa and walked through the line, but he clammed up once he sat on Santa’s lap. Samuel, who met Santa the first time, was a champ.


Halloween 2012

Samuel’s first Halloween, Ben’s first time trick-or-treating, first holiday in a new neighborhood…it was a big day!


Santa Rosa Beach

We spent Labor Day weekend in Santa Rosa Beach with Josh’s family. The last time Ben visited the beach he wasn’t even crawling, and Sam has never ventured more than a couple of miles from the apartment. We had a great time, and Mike even managed to help Ben get over his eremikophobia.



Samuel Isaac

This summer we welcomed a new little boy into our family. He looks like his mommy and his brother, and when we’re not busy saving his life from Benajamin we’re taking as many pictures as we can. These are some of our favorites so far.


Walt Disney World

Normally, we would never have planned a trip to Disney World with a one-year-old boy and a 5-month-pregnant lady; but when a free 1-week stay at a condo in Orlando fell into our laps, we felt we had no choice but to get to that park and document some serious “Disney face”. And that we did. My husband used some birthday money to purchase a 5-day Disney pass, which we used every day we were down there, iPhones in hand.


Samuel’s Sonogram

We’re welcoming a brand new baby boy into our family this summer, and we recently had the chance to get sneak peek at him. As far as we can tell he has his father’s nose, his mother’s skinny legs and his brother’s lack of shame (he’s definitely a boy, and he’s not bashful about it).



Ben’s Photo Shoot

Benjamin had his first birthday in December, and to celebrate we asked our friend Cassie Robinson to take some photos of him. We met in the afternoon at City Square Park in downtown Roswell. Ben was just learning to walk, so getting him to sit still was more challenging than normal, but we were very happy with the results.



We had the opportunity to join Leah’s parents and a group from Mount Paran Church on a trip to Israel and Jordan. We had to leave Benjamin behind for twelve days, but it was the trip of a lifetime. We probably saw as much of Israel as anyone could possibly see in twelve days, and we found out Leah was pregnant with Samuel when we were in Jerusalem.